2021 Winners

Our 2021 Winners will be announced on Thursday 29th April 2021 (7pm / 10pm) and will be posted here on 30th April 2021. 

Business of the Year

Reading Scientific Services Ltd

Judges Comments: A forward thinking company! Since 2015, RSSL’s pharmaceutical sales have grown by 54% and support to the food sector has grown by 39%. Compared to 2019, turnover increased by 15% and 2020 year-end sales showed met target at £25M, with profit exceeding expectations at £3.8M.

Female Entrepreneur of The Year

Lucy Alexandra Spencer

Judges Comments: We got a true sense of inspiration from this nomination. Lucy took a ‘punt’ when she took her loan out to set up her tutoring business, building an online platform to enable tutoring to take place anytime, anywhere. This will have been a great help to many during the past 12-14 months.

New Start-Up of The Year

Dream Dresses

Judges Comments: What a heart-breaking start to Helen’s venture but she has found the determination to push on to create another sister business which compliments Dream Dresses perfectly.
I am sure that once she can re-open and events start again, she will see great success.

Young Entrepreneur of The Year

Harry Portch

Judges Comments: Harry sounds like a lovely thoughtful young man doing charitable work both here and abroad whilst also doing his normal job. Harry also worked with individuals during the pandemic to help give them the tools to get back into work.

The SME of The Year


Judges Comments: Very impressed by this ethical company. The idea is very “of its time” and the company is obviously adaptable and growing. Born out of need to help her daughter Claire has continued to create new products and grown while fulfilling her purpose.

The Employer of The Year

Reading Scientific Services Ltd

Judges Comments: It was clear from the nomination that they are dedicated to their staff, helping them with their progression whilst also ensuring they looked after their wellbeing. This also sounds a great place to work!

COVID Community Champion

Holme Grange School

Judges Comments: Such a fabulous idea and amazing response to COVID. Fun learning, benefitting the children, their families and delivering meals where needed.
Simply Incredible!

The Apprentice of The Year

Olivia Buchanan

Judges Comments: We’re very impressed with her work ethic and initiative for self development.
During Lockdown, Olivia has been tirelessly working to improve her skills including working in her local bakery by day and working at by night to train and improve her skills all whilst completing her coursework!

The Charity of The Year

Be Free Young Carers

Judges Comments: An incredible charity with such
a worthy cause! Your response to the needs of young carers during Covid-19 has been simply exceptional!

Outstanding Contribution to The Community

The Weller Community Centre

Judges Comments: We wish that there were more centres like this around the country, centres that support numerous groups, clubs and classes in the heart of the community. This facility will help people of all ages.

Lifetime of Achievement

Nyasha Gwatizdo

Judges Comments: Nyasha is such an inspiration. She has worked tirelessly for the last 30 years helping children both here in the UK and Zimbabwe. Against all the odds she continues to help children, breaking down any potential barriers.

The Leisure & Tourism Award

Phoenix Virtual Running Ltd

Judges Comments: Just simply Wow! Not only are you inspiring but your achievements are incredible!

Male Entrepreneur

Tim Brownstone

Judges Comments: Very impressed with what Tim has accomplished. His business has grown from a Reading University lab start up in 2013, to now be named one of the top five leading smart textiles companies in the world. Such exciting developments and incredible innovations!